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Tristinika is found in the southern end of the second peninsula of Chalkidiki, which is called Sithonia and accordind to antiquity has taken her name from the son of Neptune, Sithona.

It is a graphic settlement, next to the sandy beach of Toronaios gulf, with crystal clear light blue waters, covering an area of 1,5km.

A place of great originality, with wild beauty, where it assembles all those elements that one needs in order to escape from the intense rhythms of the city and can enjoy the sun, the sea and the natural and blooming landscape.

The region, where it entertains the purest beaches of Chalkidiki, is advisable for fishing, but also for diving in its rich seabed. A visit in Porto Koufo is also advisable, just 5km from Tristinika, it constitutes the biggest and safest natural harbor of Northern Greece and it is considered to be one of the best places for fishing in Sithonia.

There are also recommended routes of great beauty, for the hiking and climbing lovers.

- Ascent from the fortresses to the Citadel of Toroni (45 min. roughly).

- Route from Porto Koufo leading to Kapros, the southern point of the peninsula, from where, giving a clear atmosphere, one can see the Sporades island complex (altitude: 273m).

- Route Tristinika - Virtues - Azapiko. A route along the coast consisted of beautiful beaches and small gulfs, with very few visitors and splendid natural beauty.

- The mountain Dragoydelis. The forest is ideal for hiking and cycling, while exists marked trails.

Also, it is advisable to visit:

- The archaeological area of the castle of Lykithoy in Toroni.

- The windmills in the beach of Sykia, that are dated in 1890 and constitute of appreciable monuments of folklore architecture.

- Temple of Saint Athanassios and the old Municipal School in Sykia, built in the 19th century.

- The circumnavigation of Mouth Athos with the ship taken from Saint Nikolaos.

With regard to your amusement, you can visit the famous beach bars of Sithonia where you can experience a more festive mood and frantic parties. While for the more glamorous tastes, you can visit N. Marmaras, with numerous choices for every taste.

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